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Taran, the owner of Lash It Up, started her journey into the beauty industry five-years-ago.
Beginning from doing eyelash extensions at home, she was able to build long-lasting relationships with her clients, through tailoring her services to what they wanted next.

She understood that what her clients wanted was the priority from the start.  She was able to finally give her clients what it is THEY wanted by simply asking: What would make you feel beautiful? How may I be of service? Was her Motto and still is.So what did she do? She kept learning, adding more courses and knowledge under her belt to continue advancing to just what her clients wanted.  This client-focused approach is the heart of everything we do at Lash It Up - we're focused on what YOU want, as you are our priority.This non-stop quest for knowledge and love for adding to her skillset guided her on a path, as the goal-oriented mindset to create the best experience for you is in every service for the women who walk into our shop.

The overwhelming feeling of joy when seeing our clients walk out of the door is incredibly priceless. Taran our founder loves the fact that she can make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin, especially when taking you through a journey for your self-care and glamorous transformation. Much love & see you soon beautiful.

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